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Privacy Policy

1st News carries all the right to use any user content if it seems suitable to our e-paper. 1st News is not obligated to edit, delete or modify content from users once it is submitted to 1st. 1st should have no responsibility to attribute of User Content and should not be forced by any third party.

(a) Copy Right
Our website contains material, trademarks, photographs and videos that are copyrighted under the Copy Right Act and 1st News solely keeps those rights and users are not allowed to modify, publish, recreate or sale it in any form. User is permitted to use the information or content for personal use.

(b) Advertisement
1st News might show advertisements and promotions on all three webpages but it takes no responsibility of business dealings or correspondence, or participation in promotions of the person (party) advertising and no terms and conditions between the third party and advertiser would apply on 1st, nor does it take any responsibility of loss or damage of any kind.

(c) Logos and Trademarks 1st News have all the rights to its logos and trademarks that used by the website, while different logos appearing in ads are property of that particular company.

(d) Policy Statement The purpose of content available on 1st News webpages is to provide information and entertainment to its users, it does not aim to promote any particular ideology, religion or ethnic group or any political agenda and it is working under the law of land for news and broadcasting media.

(e) Usage of 1st News The user is advised to use 1st News only for the lawful purpose and in such a way that other users are not affected or disturbed by your activity. Behavior like harassment, abusive language or offense is totally discouraged.